Track Info


Course Proper – 1750 metres

Length of Straight – 300 metres

Width of Straight at Winning Post – 24 metres


  1. Green with White Band & Green Club Logo, Green Sleeves, Black Cap
  2. White with Green Band & White Club Logo, White Sleeves, Black Cap
  3. All Black

These colours will be worn by jockeys when any change is made from those prescribed in the race day book.

Ipswich Turf Club Track Map Download copy of map

Ipswich Turf Club Track Records

DistanceHorse/sTimeDate of Record
800MAll That44.557/05/2011
1000MUpstart Pride56.296/04/2016
1100MLesley's Choice1.02.8227/05/2015
1350MSister Emma1.18.6122/10/2014
1500MLoves a Challenge1.29.518/05/2010
1666MKilliney Hill (NZ)1.39.209/03/1991
2100MBeachside (NZ)2.07.103/07/1993